Video Tutorial: Blogging Templates in Lightroom

Blog templates will dramatically increase your blogging speed.

  1. Select images in your library to fill the blogging template you wish to use.
  2. To change the order of images in a template, select the images you want in the template and press the 'B' key. This puts them in a Quick Collection folder in Lightroom. Navigate to the Quick Collection folder in Lightroom, it is at the top of the folder list in the Library Module, and from within the Quick Collection you will be able to drag your images into any order you wish.
  3. Print the template to JPG (not to your printer) store this file in a temporary folder on your desktop. Make sure sharpening is turned off.
  4. Once you have created all the blogging templates you need for your post, re-import the images in your temporary folder back into your event, or a in a subfolder of your event (such as ‘blog’.)
  5. Export the new diptychs and galleries along with the single images that you wish to blog at the desired width.

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