Which digital cameras are supported?

Fujicolor Original, Fujicolor Pushed, Portra Original, Portra Pushed and Ilford are made for Nikon, Fuji, Sony, and Canon cameras. They are compatible with Lightroom 6 and above. However, they will work with any camera RAW file format (it's just that since they were made for Canon, Fuji, Sony, and Nikon, they'll just be more accurate for those camera brands). 

  • All Nikon, Sony, and Canon DSLR cameras are supported.

All Fuji X-Series cameras are supported (X100S, X100T, X-T1 etc) EXCEPT the original Fuji X100.

Kodak Everyday is for Lightroom 7.3 or Adobe Camera RAW 10.4. These updated versions actually do the camera calibration on the back end. We worked closely with Adobe to develop these new presets and all presets will be developed this way going forward but all the packs prior to Kodak Everyday still have camera specific calibration.  

Not sure which version you have?

Open LR or ACR and click on 'File --> About'for Windows or 'Lightroom --> About

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