Camera Questions

• How do I preview last photo captured?

To quick preview, or “chimp”, hold down the library icon.

• Does Filmborn use the second lens (Portrait Mode)?

Not currently, but it is in development. 

• How do I see the presets while I am shooting? 

In the camera mode you have a row of icons above the shutter button. The far left icon looks like a piece of film with an eye, tap that to turn on Film Live-preview. If you still have issues please make sure battery saver is turned off. 


• What technical requirements do I need to use Filmborn?

To use Filmborn you must be using an iPhone 5s or later and be running any version of iOS 9 and later. 

• When will Filmborn be available for Android? 

Due to the differences in color in displays between manufacturers we cannot easily accommodate android devices at this time. We hope to begin development for Android Fall 2019.

• Does Filmborn utilize raw files?

Not currently, but it is in development. 

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