How Are Mastin Labs Presets Different From Other Presets?

Mastin Lab Presets are made by film photographers, for film photographers. Above all, they are designed for accuracy.

What you won’t find with Mastin Labs presets:

1. ‘ Underexposed’ effect presets. Why? Because those that shoot film, generally, try to avoid bad exposures. And underexposure creates unpredictable shifts in color and tone that cannot be matched accurately and predictably by any preset.

2.  Film stocks that are not possible to buy. Why? Because this is a system for people who are, or who will soon be, shooting film. And to make and use accurate film presets, we focused on the most popular films you can still buy new, and older films stored cold and still reliable. Trying to make accurate presets for film stocks that are no longer possible to buy poses serious problems with accuracy. We could create a Kodachrome 64 preset and sell it to you, but we’d be lying if we said it was accurate. And the only way for you to know, is to shoot and match Kodachrome 64, which is no longer available. We sell accuracy, not baloney.

What you will find with Mastin Labs presets:

1.  Unmatched accuracy. Accurate film presets don’t draw attention to themselves with over the top film emulation. They are subtle and dead-on. Through several years of testing and refining, we are confident Mastin Labs presets are the most accurate film emulation presets available.

2.  A simple system for matching digital to film. Mastin Labs presets are part of a system, where matching is as easy as 1,2,3. Pick your film stock, select a sub-preset, and choose a film grain. We are working photographers and we don’t believe in overcomplicating our presets with endless options that add nothing to accuracy. This system is so straightforward it can be learned by any photographer in a matter of minutes.

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