How to Edit With Portra Pushed

Portra Pushed is dark and moody, containing six film emulation presets. Portra 160+1, Portra 160+2, Portra 400+1, Portra 400+2, Portra 800+1, Portra 800+2

Mastin Labs 3-Step Workflow:

Say goodbye to hours of tweaking. Make consistency and freedom, yours. By using this workflow you will get clean, true-to-color images both you and your clients will love.

  1. Apply the preset: This applies a color pallette and micro-contrast to an image.
  2. Adjust Exposure: Exposure often needs to be increased as most cameras try to protect highlights on Auto. Exposure tames the contrast alone with Tone Profiles.
  3. Adjust white balance and tint: This step dials-in perfect skin tones and fixes white balance/tint biases per camera. Most cameras don't get this right with Auto White Balance, and learning white balance adjustments fixes this.

Unlock consistency and speed! Below is a full, live editing session by Kirk Mastin editing with the Portra Pushed pack.

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