How to Install Presets For Lightroom (Mobile Sync)

Here are instructions for install your presets for Lightroom and sync with Lightroom Mobile!

1. Login to your and download your purchase.

2. Unzip the files. Then, open Lightroom.

3. In Lightroom (Desktop), select 'Presets' in the bottom corner. Then click on three dots. Lastly, select 'Import Presets' (visual below) 

Screen-Shot-2019-10-22-at-8-58-59-PM.png4. A finder window will appear (visual below) to import. Navigate to the .zip you just downloaded from your account, in the 'Import Files for Lightroom' folder, select the pack name .zip file and then click 'Import' in the bottom right corner.

6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each of your purchased packs.

7. Make sure you are signed-in to the same Adobe Creative Cloud account on both Lightroom (Desktop) and Lightroom (Mobile) mobile for your presets to sync.

Note: Please make sure you are running Lightroom 1.3 or newer (more product requirement details

If you are still experiencing issues, send an email to

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