How to Edit Using Ektar 100

Ektar 100 is a film with preferences— it knows what it likes. Ektar is a bold look with high saturation and contrast, and color biases of red and orange. We are going to talk through shooting and editing techniques, so you can control your edits with Ektar 100 from our Adventure Everyday pack.

Mastin Labs 3-Step Workflow:

Say goodbye to hours of tweaking. Make consistency and freedom, yours. By using this workflow you will get clean, true-to-color images both you and your clients will love.

  1. Apply the preset: This applies a color pallette and micro-contrast to an image.
  2. Adjust Exposure: Exposure often needs to be increased as most cameras try to protect highlights on Auto. Exposure tames the contrast alone with Tone Profiles.
  3. Adjust white balance and tint: This step dials-in perfect skin tones and fixes white balance/tint biases per camera. Most cameras don't get this right with Auto White Balance, and learning white balance adjustments fixes this.

Wanting an in-depth guide for the full Adventure Everyday pack?

Here's a breakdown and guide for how to edit with Adventure Everyday.

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