How to Edit Your First Image In Capture One

Before we begin editing your first image, let's get set up for success!

  1. Install your Mastin Labs style pack: Installation guide
  2. Install the Mastin Labs Workspace: Installation guide for Mac, Windows
  3. Time to edit!

We recommend the following workflow:

  1. Right-click on the (…) button on the Styles and Style tool window and click on ‘Stack Styles.’ This allows you to use every part of the Mastin Labs Style system together, including tone profiles, etc:
  1. Select an image in your library and apply a film Style. Always do this before adjusting exposure, temperature, tint, or any other setting in Capture One:
  2. After applying a film Style, adjust exposure, temperature, and tint as needed to get the look you want for your image:
  3. An optional step is to apply a Tone Profile and/or Grain to your image. Tone Profiles adjust the contrast in highlights, shadows, or both at the same time, and are useful for tricky lighting situations and extreme contrast:
  4. Lastly, you can apply ‘Lens Correction On’ to remove lens vignetting and distortion from your image:

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